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Our vision and mission  would not be possible without the dedication  and selflessness of our wonderful  volunteers. Their time and efforts  make programming around the county  possible and we are exceedingly  grateful for their continued support and input.

Volunteers are given the  opportunity to assist participants  through art projects while providing support  through their creative  journey. Creativity is our focus, but there are many ways to get  involved and help us in our mission! Committees, events, fundraising,  social media, research, organizing materials & resources...  something for everyone!  It may be twice a week, once a month, or just a  few  times a year, but the experience has proved rewarding for everyone  involved.

If you think you would like to get involved,  please: 

  1. - Download the VOLUNTEER FORM [PDF 1.20 MB]
  2. - Fill it out and
  3. - E-mail it to:      programs@lancastercreativefactory.org.   

Thank you for your interest & we hope to see you! 

  1. Download the Volunteer form that is below
  2. fill it out and
  3. email it to programs@lancastercreativefactory.org