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ArtSmart is an innovative  art program for underserved children. This program is dedicated to offering  opportunities to experience the transformational power of art by:

• Educating underserved  children in the arts
•  Encouraging the use of art as a tool for  recovery
•  Supporting voluntary service. 

ArtSmart operates under  the umbrella of Lancaster Creative Factory  and was chosen program of the year  at Lancaster’s Youth Intervention  Center for both 2010 and 2011.       

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Lancaster Creative Factory and ShooFlyMoonPie Connect —   A brief history

An idea grew in the mind of artist, Roberta Little, as she and her husband rebuilt their lives following the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. The couple had relocated to Lancaster, PA, where art thrives, is appreciated and nurtured. Roberta’s idea took root. A volunteer organization named ShooFlyMoonPie was born. An advisory board was established. Team members developed an educational exchange between artists of Southeastern Pennsylvania and the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Cultivating community connections has been ongoing since 2009. Through efforts of volunteers and ShooFlyMoonPie’s advisory board, visiting artists   travel to Lancaster and the awarding winning ArtSmart program at Lancaster County   Youth Intervention Center continues to flourish. In 2011, ShooFlyMoonPie transferred   management of the ArtSmart program to Kevin Lehman's Lancaster Creative Factory   (LCF). An agreement with the School District of Lancaster was signed by LCF making ArtSmart an official After School Program. 

Awards received

2016 — Special Project of  the Year LCYIC and JDCAP

2013 — LCYIC's Program of  the Year

2011 — LCYIC's Program of  the Year
2010 — LCYIC's Program of  the Year
2009 — Special Project of  the Year LCYIC and JDCAP